Direct mail and email marketing

The principles of good direct mail (and therefore email) copywriting haven't changed an enormous amount in the last 50 years. Get their attention, then their conviction while all the time keeping things relevant. Most important of all, get the reader to act.

Client: The Preference Service

Brief: As the UK's largest provider of opt-in data, the Preference Service relies heavily on the quality of its copywriting to drive response and persuade consumers to receive direct mail.

Result: Hugely increased response rates for a range of collaborative projects including The Sunday Times and W H Smith.

Client: Sky/Spectrum

Brief: The quality of home satellite products and services is improving all the time. As one of Sky's leading resellers in the UK, Spectrum's goal is to drive demand by educating consumers on the benefits and value now available to them.

Result: Direct mail campaigns created so many sales that Spectrum had to hire new engineers to help meet the demand.